2014 Applicant: Melissa Frey

Melissa Frey is a 33-year-old Marketing Specialist at Central Missouri Community Credit Union ($103 M) in Warrensburg, Missouri, United States.

Project Title
People Helping People...It's Who We Are!

Short Pitch
Let's live the credit union philosophy, one random act of kindness at a time.

As a marketer and a volunteer, I’ve come up with a way to combine my passion for promoting credit unions within our community with my love for helping people.

I propose that we give all of our employees a monthly allowance to carry out random acts of kindness. Employees would give the recipient a credit union branded card that said, “If you like the way this makes you feel, would you be willing to share it on social media and tag #CMCCU?"

By following this campaign on Facebook and Twitter, we could begin to see the real impact of how kindness not only affects the recipient, but the giver as well. These shared stories might inspire our credit union members and members of the community to commit their own random acts of kindness.

This program would be a wonderful way to empower our employees and build connections in our community, all while promoting our credit union brand.

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