2014 Applicant: Maranda Sheahan

Maranda Sheahan is a 33-year-old Account Manager at Synergy Credit Union ($1.232 B) in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Project Title
Rock Your Money Like a Rockstar

Short Pitch
Times have changed and we followed suit offering a new, extremely fun, adaptable and impactful approach to financial literacy... are you ready to ROCK YOUR MONEY LIKE A ROCKSTAR???

A creative and talented emerging leaders team sought out a new way to teach financial literacy, after some research and much discussion on what works for youth; we wanted catchy, fun, fast paced, adaptable and informative among other qualities. The decision-making would be in the participants’ hands, the long term impact a surprise. 

We created....Rock your money – like a Rockstar! 

Are you in tune with your money? Many of us dream about “rockstar success” (even though sometimes we can’t really sing or dance!). From rags to riches and glitches to glamour, rock stars are larger than life. (In some cases, they live larger than life - beyond their financial limits).

The “rockstar lifestyle” can be achieved with a few good financial choices starting when you are young. We all can learn from rock star successes (and some of their mistakes) – especially when it comes to their finances.

Join us for a fun and interactive session (where you can learn a thing or two) and some important lessons from the world of rock n’ roll.

Let us take you on a journey to make your money rock!

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