2014 Applicant: Andy Dunn

Andy Dunn is a 32-year-old Vice President of CUSO Operations at Kemba Credit Union ($600M) in West Chester, Ohio, United States.

Project Title
The CUSO Project

Short Pitch
I am building our credit union into a one-stop financial resource center for our members.

The CUSO Project has two primary goals: increase non-interest income and increase the services per member in a non-traditional way. Traditionally, credit unions target checking or savings accounts, auto loans, and credit cards as key member services. Although these are very important to the success of any credit union, I feel the relationship people have with their financial institution should go much deeper. Products or services such as: mortgages, auto and home insurance, financial planning, tax preparation, legal services, and several others are key contributors to building member loyalty and increasing bottom line profitability. 

Many times members face important financial decisions and do not know where to begin. By offering a wide variety of products and services under one roof, members know they can begin and end with Kemba for all their financial needs.

Our CUSO is a one-stop financial resource center meeting the financial needs of our members.

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