2014 Applicant: Alicia Kortus

Alicia Kortus is a 26-year-old Accounting Analyst at Dover Federal Credit Union ($400 M) in Dover, Delaware, United States.

Project Title
Education Program

Short Pitch
This project is to spread Credit Union Awareness to Dover Federal Credit Union employees and our community.

I was inspired to launch this education program within the workplace after having attended the Crash the CFO Council Conference this year. It is unbelievable that amount of information out there on credit unions and the industry. People have so much to offer and are so willing to spread credit union awareness to anyone who is willing and excited to learn about it! I want to bring that same excitement and eagerness to Dover Federal Credit Union. 

Through this program, we will take volunteers who want to be a part of our program and who hope to have an impact on the credit union movement. We will host meetings to discuss our industry and all the things that impact us. This program can be simply informational to those members who are a part of the program, but can go as far as a monthly newsletter to the staff, or a published article on our website or with our league. My goal is to make our credit union community a better place, and that begins behind the scenes.

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