2014 Applicant: Alex Castley

Alex Castley is a 30-year-old Engagement & Communications Manager at Integris Credit Union ($1.25B) in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

Short Pitch

I am working on attracting a younger demographic to our credit union in terms of both members and staff, while still retaining existing membership.


Early on in my credit union career, I recognized we’re in a difficult position in the upcoming years. On average, our Membership is of an older demographic. As well, from personal experience, I was able to recognize the words "Credit Union" do not speak to or have much relevance to younger people. As such, Integris needs to refocus some of our efforts towards the younger demographic, without damaging or risking the relationship we have with our dedicated older Membership.

So, this has been my project… to effectively educate younger people about what we offer and communicate we are a cool, fun, and professional place to work for or do business with. I aim to accomplish this through all channels of communication and media we know a younger demographic utilizes – social media, YouTube, radio, newspaper (to some extent, particularly for recruitment) and, most importantly, in-person events (job fairs, fundraisers, etc.). It has been a riot so far!

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