14 Reasons to Apply for the 2014 CUES NTCUE

Are you still trying to decide whether to apply for the CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec competition? Perhaps learning some of the reasons why previous finalists applied will help you make up your mind. In no particular order, here’s what they had to say.

  1. met other young professionals from all over the world who share my passion for the CU movement. Most of us have stayed in touch since the competition and I have a new group of friends (and brains ripe for the pickin’) for life!  – Alexia Mavrakes, 2011 finalist
  2. This competition requires you to stretch yourself professionally. Choosing a big, innovative project at your credit union is a lot, but then add in blogging and making videos about it for a national audience and it requires perseverance and a healthy amount of confidence. Additionally, it is the first opportunity most of us had to speak in front of 250 credit union CEOs. Talk about pressure—but in a good way. Being challenged was one of the best things to come from this competition. – Amanda Thomas McMeans, 2011 finalist
  3. Great way to meet fellow industry leaders who are excited about the future of the credit union movement. – Ashley Kohlrus, 2012 winner
  4. The education provided for this program is phenomenal, and having experienced two of the programs, I would recommend them to anyone. Devin Selte, 2011 winner
  5. The project I chose was very aspirational and might not have been done had I not been chosen for NTCUE.  But working on culture standards and implementing them at my credit union was the most rewarding time of my credit union career. Seeing the staff grow both individually and as a team and seeing our credit union change from the insight out was extremely exciting to lead and see happen. – Amanda Thomas McMeans, 2011 finalist
  6. For my personal career path, the idea of passing through each level in the competition and potentially earning education dollars was a factor. Who can resist a great prize like that! Once I had earned top 15, I also found the executive coaching sessions to be super helpful; not only from the viewpoint of helping me prepare for the competition, but also in my role. – Jill Huls, 2012 finalist
  7. If someone nominates you, they obviously think you are talented and capable to serve as a CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive… don’t short-change yourself by not having the same confidence that others have in you. Ashley Kohlrus, 2012 winner
  8. It gave me a platform to promote my philosophy that credit unions should involve their members more if they want to be successful legislatively. – Nate Muniz, 2012 finalist
  9. The opportunity for professional coaching was exciting, and really beneficial for my personal career growth. – Peter Walker, 2012 finalist
  10. I was hoping that it would provide an added confidence in me that I had the ability to do anything that I wanted to as long as I was willing to dedicate myself to the process, and treat people right along the way.  I think I accomplished that. – Devin Selte, 2011 winner
  11. I’m passionate about telling the story of credit unions. In the US, we remain around 7% of the market, and there are so many people who still need to hear about the CU difference. – Peter Walker, 2012 finalist
  12. I am pretty competitive so the concept intrigued me—competing for the title with people from around the world. – Jodi Chambers, 2010 finalist
  13. I applied because I saw it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and introduce myself to a broader audience. I was most interested in having the opportunity to attend the CEO Institute, and I got that opportunity in 2011. I also went on to become CEO at the age of 27 in 2011 as well, so I got a lot out of it. – Ronaldo Harvey, 2010 finalist
  14. Being nominated for, competing in, and winning the NTCUE competition forever changed my career. My professional network exploded with countless talented credit union folks (and CU-associated folk) who reached out and connected with me after I won the competition, saw my seven-minute presentation, or heard about the Buy Local program I managed at my credit union. – Amanda Brenneman, 2014 winner

Fired up? Make sure you apply before July 14.

CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec Team